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Justin was a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer before SoCal Photo Design was formed. A nerd by self-proclamation who loves his Adobe Creative Suite, Justin started out as a Los Angeles Website designer, but his skill & talent for Wedding photography led him to start SoCal Photo Design.


Aerial Wedding Photography is an ever emerging field, and with the use of Aerial Photography Systems / low altitude unmanned aerial systems, SoCal Photo Design brings you those one of a kind shots. The use of this technology helps Justin to deliver High Resolution photos and video to all his clients.




Bethany is a  self-taught photographer, who was behind the camera as a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer long before she added a few  College photography classes to her skill set.


A skill for transforming traditional poses and settings into modern works of art, never will you say, "I love that photograph, but I hate the background." This is one of the most difficult skills for a modern photographer to learn, being able to transform classics into modern tastes.


"My favorite photographs are the ones that challenged me most as a person and second as a photographer."

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